Supply chain & operations and COVID-19

In times like these, guaranteeing the continuity of operations is a main concern and challenge for many companies. Whether you’re dealing with disruption in stock levels or distressed clients, we can help you work on different potential scenarios and what they mean for your operations.

Are you agile enough to quickly change your supply chain in function of travel bans, closure of factories, changing government policies, etc.? Are you prepared for the next potential uprise?

Here are some practical tips to help you minimise the effects of COVID-19 and survive:

1. Deploy a cross-functional crisis team

2. Protect your workforce in the operations environment

3. Identify critical products and suppliers, build in duplication and flexibility

4.  Preempt blockage of products at borders

5. Contingency planning

6. Consider financial and legal implications

7. Communicate

8. Conduct scenario analysis to determine how to follow demand or build stock, etc.

Certain products may be subject to an export prohibition in the context of COVID19 - e.g.  protective masks and protective clothing have been subject to an export prohibition at EU level since 14 March 2020. Companies affected may face restrictions in sales.  It’s important to proceed with a product assessment and determine whether you need additional export authorisation.

While these restrictions will be in force for a period of six weeks, it’s possible that the scope of impacted products changes.

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