Corporate law

Pwc Legal will help you set up, steer, manage and (re)structure your organisation worldwide

Corporate structuring

Whether in a local or cross-border context, our PwC Legal team of corporate structuring specialists can advise you on:

  • Simplifying group structures and single entities
  • Establishing branches and converting them into subsidiaries
  • Share buy-back schemes
  • Equity and dividend stripping
  • Capital increases and reductions
  • Value chain transformation
  • Company liquidations
  • Mergers, (partial) demergers and transfers of businesses and branches of activity
  • International migration of companies
  • Corporate governance models and issues (e.g. setting up executive and daily management committees; directors’ liability)
  • Insolvency
  • General corporate legal advice and compliance

Corporate compliance

Our team of specialists assists all types of organisations in complying with their business needs and obligations, locally and internationally. When your company undergoes a structuring or restructuring, be it local or international, we assist in the implementation and ensure a smooth transition.

With PwC Legal as your guide, together we’ll establish a reliable system to handle company secretarial matters and other corporate compliance requirements. Using our expertise and network, we can help set up, steer and manage the corporate compliance of your subsidiaries all over the globe in an efficient, consistent and structured manner.

Our day-to-day company secretarial services include:

  • Drafting corporate housekeeping documents
  • Changing the setup of the board and day-to-day management
  • Moving a registered office
  • Appointing/replacing your auditor
  • Preparing disclosure notices
  • Filing with the commercial court
  • Updating your company’s file at the central commercial register
  • Updating the shareholders’ register

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