Tax policy

Working with governments and businesses

We assist with shaping, benchmarking and improving tax systems and tax policy. We foster cooperation and dialogue between all stakeholders.

A win-win tax regime is neutral, efficient, simple, equitable and without surprises

Cost of collection and enforcement by the tax authorities and cost of compliance for business should be as low as possible taking advantage of technology. The need for extensive guidance, many disputes and litigations, tax gaps are strong indicators of flaws in the tax system. Is your tax system best practice? Do you as a business need assistance in understanding tax policy? Is a dialogue needed between stakeholders?

PwC Legal can help.

Your challenges

Governments everywhere are looking for ways to raise revenue to finance their budgets. Governments are shaping their tax systems in divergent ways and every change has an  impact on different stakeholders: government (central/regional), business, citizens and society as a whole...

A win-win tax system is balanced and proportionate and able to meet objectives for all stakeholders. Measuring performance against qualitative and quantitative KPI’s is key. Globalisation, technology and the digital economy are additional opportunities and challenges. There’s also a continued global shift from direct taxes on profit/income, capital gains, wealth and property, to indirect taxes like VAT/GST, customs, excise/trade levies and environmental taxes.

Business and society need to understand the direction of direct and indirect tax. They also want to contribute to the shaping and the implementation Government must implement and maintain simple and fraud-proof tax systems by acting fairly, openly and consistently with all stakeholders, so as to be trusted by all parties.

How we can help

We help government agencies, revenue authorities, supranational bodies (e.g. OECD, EC, UN, etc.), multinational businesses, NGOs, professional bodies and trade associations gain insight into tax policy and with the shaping of it

Our team of experts can:

Provide insights on global policy trends

We provide advanced analytical, politically-neutral insight and comparative analysis and research on best practices and crucial policy trends in the EU and beyond.

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Help policymakers improve efficiency

PwC Legal can help policymakers in both developed and emerging countries improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their tax systems.

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Advise tax authorities on keeping collection and compliance costs minimal

We advise tax authorities on how to keep the cost of collection and compliance as low as possible for both governments and businesses respectively. We can also assist with the role of technology in this context (e.g. e-invoicing and e-archiving, blockchain,..).


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Identify best practices from diverse tax systems

PwC Legal helps you identify best practices from diverse tax systems to balance revenue and cost, to promote broad-based regimes with fewer rates, minimum exceptions and the lightest burden in terms of compliance and limited litigations and disputes.

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Help regulators understand various tax systems

We assist regulators in deepening their understanding of the various tax systems and how certain issues are solved under different regimes, to encourage international trade and lay the groundwork for removing tax obstacles and related costs from global commerce.

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Advise organisations on the impact of tax policies

We advise businesses, NGOs and trade associations on the impact of current and future tax policies and draft tax legislation. We can assist in making a case to promote their interests at legislative and decision-making domestic and EU levels taking into account the impact on all stakeholders and society.

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