PwC Legal Belgium has rolled out DocuSign, allowing our clients to put digital signatures on transactional documents

15 May 2020

The Covid-19 measures have forced us and our clients to work remotely from our home offices. The process of printing, singing, scanning and sending across the globe lengthy documents is now even more cumbersome and time consuming than before. 

That is why at PwC Legal in Belgium, we have rolled out DocuSign. DocuSign is a digital platform allowing documents to be signed electronically ("e-signature"). DocuSign guarantees a digitally secure, legally compliant process to sign documents with the same legitimacy as a pen signature on a printed document. This eliminates any doubt as to who signed the document, the originally agreed-upon version of the document and its legitimacy in case it would be brought to court. All of this is possible thanks to digital certificates and a specific authentication process following the most recent EU eIDAS legislation. Digital signatures can be used in Belgium for a wide variety of documents (attention however for documents to be filed with the notary or with the clerk's office of the commercial court). 

Providing digital solutions is where we make a difference. Moreover, we see that many clients already use DocuSign in their own organisation, so they are happy that they can use a system they are familiar with. 

For more info, please contact Karin Winters or Bart Vanstaen.

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Karin Winters

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Bart Vanstaen

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