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Business law

From consumer regulations to business contracts to collaborative economy

We’ll help ensure your business is compliant and up-to-date with the latest market regulations and requirements.

Consumer regulations

Making your way in the business-to-consumer (B2C) (e-)market or in the fast-growing collaborative economy means getting to grips with a complex and continuously evolving set of regulations and requirements.

We can help you align your sales and marketing strategies to make sure you meet the requirements surrounding fair trade practices, consumer protection and information, consumer credit, product liability and market practices in general.

We‘ll assist in the following areas of consumer regulations:

  • Applying to the Ministry of the Economy for consumer credit licences and other authorisations
  • Drafting and reviewing consumer credit contracts such as loans and instalment sales
  • Drafting and reviewing B2C sales terms and conditions
  • Reviewing your marketing campaigns
  • Advising you on the setup of your e-business and its legal implications
  • Assisting you with your participation in the collaborative economy
  • Troubleshooting consumer-related issues

Business contracts

Having the right legal framework in place can help you make the most of business opportunities. Accuracy and precision in your contracts are key to clearly defining rights and obligations and to laying the foundations for successful business relationships.

We can advise you on drafting and negotiating all types of business contracts and policies, including:

  • Distribution contracts (e.g. agency, franchise agreements)
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Licence agreements
  • Cooperation agreements
  • (Management) services agreements
  • Cost sharing and cash pooling
  • Financial and operational leasing
  • B2B and B2C sales terms and conditions

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