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Do you need employment law support?

The ever-changing legal landscape reaches every corner of your business and can impact your workforce in complex ways. PwC Legal can help with all your employment law challenges.

In the current climate of rapidly changing business needs, employment law remains a key part of the equation: it’s about your people, the essence of your organisation. Companies must not only be able to deal with the day-to-day employment law challenges they’re confronted with, but must also be able to quickly transform themselves and their workforce should the need arise. To be able to do so, they must design an all-encompassing people strategy that is aimed at developing their workforce of the future.

Our team of employment law specialists will guide you through both specific issues and all-round solutions. To be able to do so, our team not only works closely together with the other PwC Legal practices, but also with PwC Belgium People & Organisation. This enables us to provide you with the fully integrated and tailor-made solutions you need to drive your business forward, from a legal, tax and HR management perspective.

Do you need Employment law support?

In addition, the PwC Legal Network extends across more than 90 countries, providing the infrastructure to swiftly set up cross-border teams to tackle employment-related challenges with an international character.

Employment law team

The Belgian government’s 2022 Labour Deal has been voted into law! This concerns a set of labour market reforms that mainly introduce increased flexibility and redeployment measures. The goal of these reforms is twofold: improve employees’ work-life balance and increase the employment rate in Belgium to 80% by 2030. In order to achieve these goals, the Labour Deal takes an employee-centric approach, without losing sight of companies’ organisational needs. Read all about it in our flyer!

Flyer Labour Deal

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