Tax controversy & dispute resolution

In the event of a likely tax dispute, it’s crucial to immediately develop and implement the right strategy to reach a resolution.

The challenges of a tax dispute or litigation 

Tax authorities in Belgium and internationally can audit your organisation at any time, in any country where you operate. They’re efficient, well organised and proficient in the use of technology.

In the event of an audit, the authorities request large amounts of data and can gather additional information from publicly available sources, other tax authorities (exchange of information) and government agencies (e.g. social security, labour) and if possible, from your organisation’s IT systems, emails and servers. This data is cross-checked against your reporting. Whether an investigation is announced or not, you need to be prepared. Do you have measures in place to avoid a tax dispute and ultimately litigation? 

Our lawyers can guide you in the event of a tax dispute 

PwC Legal’s team of experienced, technology-enabled tax lawyers specialised in dispute resolution and litigation is unique in its kind in Belgium. We’ll help you prevent and/or manage a tax dispute. We use creativity and out-of-the box thinking to explore every possible option to achieve a solution for your case.

In case of an unannounced investigation, we’ll quickly dispatch our specialised tax lawyers together with a forensics team to assist you. Prevention is better than cure, so it’s best to involve us at the early stages. We’ll avoid litigation whenever possible, while preparing your file for the best possible outcome in the event that going before the courts is inevitable. 

The legal and business connection

Unlike other law firms, we bridge legal expertise and business understanding. Our lawyers work directly with PwC experts in VAT, direct tax, employment law, customs, transfer pricing and more, so we can assist throughout the entire dispute process, from pre-litigation through resolution and litigation if necessary. In the event of a cross-border dispute, we can leverage our extensive international network. 

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