Sustainability, Environmental and Planning law

The economic system in Belgium and beyond is undergoing a profound and substantial process of ‘greening’ - federal, regional and local governments are aiming for a more sustainable and sensible land use. This development affects both private companies and the public sector.

Environmental and planning law requirements play a substantial role in planning and permitting procedures of various development projects, such as:

  • Urban projects (e.g. large scale housing projects, retail projects, mixed-use projects, etc.); 
  • Industry projects (e.g. development of industrial sites, storage facilities for hazardous substances, SEVESO-plants, MSE-parks, etc); 
  • Energy projects (e.g. wind turbines, photovoltaic projects, heat networks, energy storage facilities, etc);  
  • Infrastructure projects ( e.g. public transport, roads and railways, energy and water supply or waste disposal facilities, etc.)

Most of these projects have significant environmental impact – not only during construction and operation, but also in the phase of demolition, decommissioning and aftercare, such as in the case of landfills and mining areas.

Driven by the EU Green Deal, sustainability has become increasingly important resulting in a fast changing legal landscape with a lot of EU, national and regional legislation approaching towards our clients and their projects.

How we can help

We provide legal assistance in the field of environmental law in the broadest sense (urban planning and land use, planning methodologies, environmental aspects, socio-economic permits for retail etc.)

We’re experienced in supporting the largest and most complex development projects. We perform a feasibility study on the planning of your future project, including examining the compatibility of your real estate project with the permits issued and the applicable planning instruments (regional plans, special development plans, spatial planning implementation plans etc.) Our services further include following up environmental effects, mobility and safety reports and compliance with other requirements (e.g. an archaeology memo).

In the field of sustainability, (new) legislation can put pressure on projects and businesses while also providing great opportunities. Our team advises you on this legislation and helps you in developing and implementing sustainable environmental solutions without losing track of business and operational needs.

Tailor-made legal advice requires a comprehensive approach. Therefore, our integrated environmental and planning law team of experts provides extensive practical experience and expertise in all relevant areas of law and in dealing with private and public sector companies, local governments, authorities and courts.

Our advice in sustainability, environmental and planning law in particular pertains to the following subject areas:

  • Planning and construction law
  • Municipal law
  • Waste law
  • Soil protection law
  • Water law
  • Nature protection law
  • Energy law
  • Product regulations
  • Laws on hazardous substances and chemicals
  • Laws on access to environmental information
  • Environmental management / environmental compliance
  • Administrative procedures and administrative court proceedings
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