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PwC Legal Belgium is delighted to announce the launching of a new podcast series: Talk In Legal, about legal developments in Belgium and beyond. Each podcast will feature an interview conducted by  PwC Legal’s managing partner Olivier Hermand, with fellow legal experts. 

In this podcast we will dive into the legal world and discuss legal topics that are relevant to the local Belgian audience. In this podcast, we'll explore a range of legal issues affecting individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Our expert guests will include lawyers, judges, academics, and other legal professionals who will share their insights and perspectives on current legal topics. Join us as we explore the world of law and gain a deeper understanding of how it impacts our society. So, whether you're a legal professional, a law student, or simply interested in the law, tune in to Talk in Legal and be a part of the conversation.

You can listen to our Talk In Legal by clicking on the episode tiles below, or you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.


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