International business reorganisations

Navigate the complexities of global structuring projects

Simplify, speed up and add value to your structuring projects 

In a fast-changing global marketplace, structural and business flexibility has become a competitive necessity for large organisations. Any business undertaking any structuring change, for whatever reason, must be alert to the legal risks involved in that change. Our international structuring lawyers are well versed to manage these risks. We design multi-jurisdictional structuring plans and provide full implementation support.

Backed by the breadth and depth of PwC Legal’s global network, we combine legal advice with business understanding and the ability to seamlessly tap into the expertise of our tax and business consultants. You get integrated, practical advice that guides you towards the right strategic decisions, helping you achieve your commercial goals.

How we can help

Multinational reorganisations are frequently required to streamline or eliminate entities, businesses or intercompany arrangements, as well as to achieve improved business alignment.

Although they sometimes look deceptively simple, they can be incredibly complex, and can often require broad-reaching global and local multi-disciplinary expertise. Our international structuring lawyers, working together with tax, accounting, and other business consultants, as well as project managers and technologists, can help you navigate the complexities of global reorganisations.

Our core services

Deal-related reorganisations

  • Pre-deal separations and carve outs
  • Post-deal integrations
  • Pre-spin/IPO reorganisations

We develop legal structures that simplify the complexities inherent in corporate deals. Engaging our legal team from the outset helps to maximise the potential for value creation and empowers you to address critical legal issues before deal decisions are made. Early legal support can pre-empt potential challenges and delays during implementation.

In addition, we provide technology-enabled global execution. Working with PwC Legal business specialists, we design legal entity structures, provide full legal implementation support, draft legal documentation and manage signing processes across borders.

Legal entity rationalisation

  • Corporate simplifications
  • Structure and business simplification
  • Branch establishments and transfers

Realise significant year-on-year cost savings by simplifying and rationalising your group’s legal entity structure and intra-group transactions. Having a simpler and more transparent structure allows you to respond to business needs with speed and agility, reduces the risk of a mismatch between legal and operational demands, and facilitates good corporate governance practices.

We undertake initial legal feasibility studies to help identify opportunities for transformation, develop optimal legal structures and create detailed legal action plans. Once decisions are made, we provide full legal implementation support.

Business and supply chain structuring

  • Alignment of legal structure and business divisions
  • Intra-group cross-border mergers and single European entity projects

Operational and supply chain changes have broad and varied impacts across the business, particularly in highly regulated industries. As you restructure business models to accommodate the fast-changing commercial landscape, your legal structure must adapt in step with the operational structure. Agile and resilient legal structures are critical to meet the demands of a changing world. Our lawyers collaborate with PwC‘s consulting and tax experts to provide an integrated solution and improve business alignment.

Strategic transaction management

  • Project management of cross-border transactions
  • Development of legal step plans
  • Transaction implementation

Robust project management and governance practices are crucial to project success and efficient service delivery. Our lawyers work with project management professionals to complete some of the most challenging and complex legal projects with minimal disruption. With legal project management support from PwC Legal, you get better visibility into your budget and fees and can mitigate execution risks.

We leverage proven governance processes and detailed legal plans to keep your project aligned with the overall transaction execution goals. We drive project implementation, working alongside your internal and external stakeholders as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

For efficiency, we use a variety of technology solutions like collaboration and document management platforms, document automation tools, electronic signatures and filterable legal action plans. We manage projects effectively and transparently. 

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