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In recent years, the world of work has been evolving at a rapid pace, fueled by digitalisation, robotics and AI on the one hand and societal and environmental changes on the other hand. This evolution gained additional momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic and suddenly what was thought to be the future of work became a reality, almost overnight.

It’s clear that more changes are on the horizon. In order to navigate the ever-evolving world in which they operate, companies need organisational agility, which – with respect to their people strategy – requires them to reflect on the following elements:

Employment law new way of working
  • Workforce - What is the optimal composition of your workforce ecosystem both from a quality and a cost-efficiency perspective? Are you in-/outsourcing the right capabilities in light of your future strategy and are you making optimal use of the right type of contract for a specific job/work? Have you taken various demographics into account such as ageing, diversity and mobility?

  • Work type - What type of work do you do and how will you execute it? What is the impact of new developments and innovations, further digitalisation and automation? How can you create value for your people, your customers, communities and society, and still maintain and increase productivity?

  • Workplace - How do you deal with your people working in different work locations and still make sure your workplace enables your people? Deciding on the right workplace model for your organisation should be based on purpose but should also include various considerations such as legal, reward, wellbeing, tax, real estate and finance. 

  • Employee Experience - Employees are not only looking for increased flexibility in how they work, where they work and how they are remunerated, but are also looking for an employer that fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace. This is key in the war for talent.

How we can help

We help you to consider the possible building blocks that Belgian employment law offers when defining and executing your people strategy, with a clear focus on designing a flexible organisation with a sustainable workforce. 

Our Employment law experts work together closely with the HR, talent, reward, organisational and change specialists of PwC’s People & Organisation and Advisory practises. This fully integrated way of working allows us to translate what the new way of working means for your specific organisation from all necessary angles, assisting your company from strategy to execution.

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