When doing business today, privacy and data protection are omnipresent and companies have to make sure they are prepared.

Privacy - Employment law

Your challenges

In recent years, the notions of privacy and data protection have become increasingly important when doing business. One of the major areas in which companies are confronted with privacy matters is their workforce.This not only concerns the fact that an employer processes employees’ data - for which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into play - but also a myriad of other topics, among which are the legal framework and related challenges regarding monitoring employees.

How we can help

PwC Legal can help you with all employment-related privacy matters that arise throughout the entire employment lifecycle. This includes, for example, providing assistance on the legal framework that is applicable when a company wants to monitor its employees and their digital communication, as well as drafting the necessary policies and guidelines in this respect. We can also advise you on the principles applicable to gathering, processing and storing employment-related data during an employee’s selection process, their actual employment, and their end of employment agreement. 

Our team is fully equipped to thoroughly review all your privacy-related policies and practices. To do so, we work together closely with PwC Legal who specialise in data protection and privacy in the broader sense, and with PwC Belgium’s Cyber & Privacy department, to give you the benefit of an all-encompassing approach to privacy.

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