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Today's legal industry is facing unprecented change. Advancing technology, new business models and evolving client expectations are altering the entire value chain. At PwC Legal, we understand the forces driving those changes - and are using technology to uncover the greatest opportunities for our clients and for us. Embracing Legal Technology (LegalTech) allows us to deliver more efficient and comprehensive services for clients and provide an enriching working environment for our talents.

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Crisis App

When faced with a crisis, organisations struggle with its complexity, rapid evolution, the lack of information, coordination and decision-making. In times like these, you want a partner that knows what to expect, what an authority can and cannot do and that can safeguard your rights from the start. The good news is that organisations that are well prepared and have identified their partner for times of crisis upfront often emerge stronger than before from a crisis situation. Tap into our legal expertise with the Crisis App - 24/7 crisis support, only a few clicks away. And don't hesitate to contact us for a free demo. 

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Crisis App

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Having doubts about whether you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer? Unsure of what Article 37 of the GDPR means for your organisation? Our short questionnaire will help you gain clarity. Find out whether you need a Data Protection Officer in a matter of minutes! 

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DPO tool

Immigration and work authorisation

Our tool can provide you with an initial indication of which permits have to be obtained to enable a foreign national to enter, stay, and work in Belgium. At PwC Legal, we're always looking for ways to support clients in their day-to-day activities. Digital technologies allow us to boost efficiency and take the pain out of complicated processes. We're proud to announce our latest tool for making the life of the global mobility professional a little easier - the free online Immigration and work authorisation assessment tool!  

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immigration tool

My Structuring Lawyer

My Structuring Lawyer is a proprietary document automation solution that codifies PwC’s legal expertise into software logic. Its purpose is to unlock efficiencies in the way our legal team delivers large scale international reorganisation projects, particularly where a high volume of draft documents and legal actions lists - which we refer to as ‘micro and macro plans’ - need to be produced. 

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my structuring lawyer

Regulatory radar

Since the global financial crisis, regulatory reform has topped the agenda for financial institutions (e.g. MiFID II, Basel III). Regulations have and will continue to radically change the banking landscape as they seek to rebuild the credibility of the financial markets. There is an inherent risk for financial institutions of missing out on critical topics or taking required actions too late. Moreover, financial institutions must satisfy regulatory consolidation requirements to varying degrees depending on their structure and cross-border business activities. Our Regulatory Radar service makes sure you do not lose sight of any regulatory initiatives. At the same time you will receive a tailor-made solution that analyses regulatory initiatives and draws your attention to potential actions. 

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Regulatory tool

Rule Scanner

Rule Scanner is a client-centric, lawyer-led, AI-powered financial services regulatory focused data engine, providing users with a regulatory horizon scanning, risk scoring and compliance tool.  The tool creates standardises definitions and data while offering updates in a more focused way than competing technological solutions currently available on the market.

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Rule scanner

Workforce mobility in Europe

At PwC Legal, we’re always developing new ways to support clients in their day-to-day activities. We believe in harnessing the power of digital technology to boost efficiency and enhance performance. That’s why we’re proud to announce FAST—the best way to make your initial social security assessment quick and painless. This free online tool is the first of its kind to reach the market! FAST is designed to make life that little bit easier for global mobility professionals. With a few simple questions, the tool will identify which social security legislation applies to a given situation. Whether salaried or self-employed, cross-border workers within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can find out what they need to know quickly and easily. Find the relevant social security legislation for cross-border work in the EEA and Switzerland here! 

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FAST app

Reimagining legal services

New Law: Propel your corporate legal department to the next level.

Across the globe, legal services are undergoing incredible transformations. Those who unlock performance capabilities using a cost-efficient model and embed their roles as true commercial enablers are leading the way. Our NewLaw team gives you insights, tools and delivery capabilities to navigate today's complexity with confidence. Our services enable your legal teams to support the strategic objectives of your businesses, while delivering technology enabled legal services at scale. 

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