Karel Veuchelen

Karel Veuchelen

Lawyer - Managing Associate, PwC Legal BV/SRL

Karel joined PwC Legal in 2020 to strengthen the Public Business Law team.

He advises and represents public authorities and private companies on a variety of matters in administrative, regulatory and public law, with a particular interest in environmental law, complex (local) government law and public procurement. Karel delivers both tailored legal advice fit for practical use and comprehensive legal analysis, depending on the needs of the case and the client.

Professional background

2022 – Present

Managing Associate at PwC Legal

2020 – 2022

Senior Associate at PwC Legal - Member of the Antwerp Bar

2019 – 2020

Attorney Public Law at Verbist Advocatuur

2013 – 2019

Business Process Analyst at La-On Lawyers


  • VERBIST, S. en VEUCHELEN, K., “Een foutief betekende beslissing is geen onwettige beslissing. Pleidooi voor een correcte betekening” (“A wrongly served decision is not an unlawful decision. Plea for correct service”), TOO 2019, 419-421.
  • EMPEREUR, E.. en VEUCHELEN, K., “De plan-MER-plicht voor stedenbouwkundige verordeningen: ontkenning als eerste fase van het  acceptatieproces” (“The Environmental Impact Assessment for regional town planning regulations: Denial as the first stage of the acceptance process”), TBO 2021, 19, 256-265  (noot onder RvVb 21 januari 2021, RvVb-A-2021-0553).
  • EMPEREUR, E en VEUCHELEN, K., “Bevriezen van de woonbestemming in het Vlaamse Gewest: een meerwegenleer” (Freezing residential zoning in the Flemish Region: a multi-way doctrine) (noot onder Cass. 16 juni 2022,  C.21.0319.N), TBO 2021, 19, afl. 4, 256-266.

Academic Experience or roles in institutional organisation

  • Internship in 2019 at the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM)
  • Master's degree in modern history
  • Master's degree in cultural studies


  • Public Law
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